Catalan Water Partnership | VII CWP Strategic Immersion
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VII CWP Strategic Immersion

VII CWP Strategic Immersion

On December 1, 2022, the VII CWP Strategic Immersion will be held at the Hotel Gallery in Barcelona (C/ del Rosellón 249). As always, it will be an act of dissemination of knowledge by the entities of the sector, considering however the change of paradigm that arises in the coming years, as a result of climate change and the economic crisis.

The Strategic Immersion will consist of:

  • Lecture “A new era: approaching the governance of economic regulation in a scenario of radical uncertainty” by Anton Costas, President of the Economic and Social Council of Spain.
  • Coffee break with networking
  • Round table, participated by Montserrat Termes (UB), Jordi Bruno (Amphos21), Carles Ibañez (Eurecat) Marta Lacruz (Anthesis Lavola) i Xavier Bernat (Aigües de Barcelona), moderada per Sònia Guri (Carburos Metálicos).
  • Lecture “Groundwater and its role in water security” by Jaime Gómez Hernández, Professor of the UPV.

The link to register is the following:

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