Catalan Water Partnership | Activities & Services
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Activities & Services

You can consult the CWP activities report:

Currently, the  CWP is organized in these areas of activity:

· INNOVATION: Facilitate access to instruments and finance, as well as new cooperative R + D + i projects to improve the competitiveness of CWP companies and knowledge centers at the Catalan, state and European level.

· BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Increasing the international presence of companies of the CWP, diversifying the markets and businesses on are presently present. We conduct market research in sectors of broad interest partners. Likewise, cooperation projects between CWP companies and our clients are also promoted to increase their competitiveness (Food, Chemistry, Tourism, Mining, etc.).

· VISIBILITY & POSITION: Provide the visibility of the CWP and its companies at the national and international level with the aim of referring to a sector of the State.

· NETWORKING: To facilitate the knowledge and the relations between companies with the aim of inaugurating the cooperation. Participate in the main cluster networks (Innovative Business Groups, Cluster Management Excellence) and water (European Water Partnership, Netwerc H2O).

· TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE: Advantages to access the training of the main centers of knowledge of Catalonia, participation in the working groups, information on strategies for entrepreneurship, among us.