Catalan Water Partnership | World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London, February 20-21
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World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London, February 20-21

World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London, February 20-21

Els propers dies 20 i 21 de Febrer se celebrarà el World Water – Tech Summit a Londres. A continuació, li mostrem la informació sobre l’esdeveniment. En cas que estigui interessat en participar-hi contacti el CWP per descobrir els descomptes i avantatges que li oferim en el marc de col·laboració amb aquest esdeveniment.


Vulnerable to weather extremes, water contamination and asset health, the water sector is at a tipping point. Do we innovate to optimise existing infrastructure or should we radicalise operations with advanced technologies?


The World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London, February 20-21, has a hard-hitting agenda that will find answers to these challenges, in addition to highlighting new business opportunities in international markets and showcasing innovation in resource recovery, digitization, procurement and more.


The 2018 agenda will focus on:


  • Microplastics: Preventing microplastics from entering waterways
  • Building Resilience: Reducing the severity and cost of extreme weather events
  • Digitization: Harnessing predictive analytics to become more proactive
  • Procurement: Accelerating tech adoption with innovative delivery models
  • Water Re-use: Overcoming roadblocks to municipal and industrial re-use
  • Resource Recovery: Advancing towards closed loop resource cycles
  • Investment: Galvanising capital towards solutions and untapped markets


To address these challenges, over 300 international water leaders from municipalities, utilities, engineering consultancies, technology suppliers and financiers will meet in London on February 20-21, 2018.


For full details:

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