Catalan Water Partnership | V Immersió Estratègica del CWP
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V Immersió Estratègica del CWP

V Immersió Estratègica del CWP

On January 21, the 5th Strategic Immersion of the Catal Water Partenrship was held with the participation of a hundred companies in the water sector. In the event they were able to acquire knowledge to innovate in a practical way, discover the main markets for internationalization, learn how to communicate and cooperate with diverse business profiles with a practical workshop, know the keys to Shared Value for competitive improvement and do networking with the top executives in the sector.

The event began with a welcome from Joan Romero, who encouraged the CWP to continue in the same vein: promoting innovative projects, continuing to internationalize the sector and working on new challenges. The Chief Executive Officer of ACCIÓ evaluated the 3 European projects H2020 in progress that the CWP has and that show the good work done. Jordi Cros, President of the CWP, who presented a summary of the cluster of 2019 explaining how new partners have been reached, reaching 93 current ones, more than 20 projects in progress and a participation of 60% of the members in these initiatives. He also wanted to highlight the award for the best project achieved by the CWP in cooperation with GAIA and the new formats and services that the cluster has promoted.




Xavier Amores, Cluster Manager, at CWP, spoke about the challenges facing the cluster, the main projects and the upcoming events. He emphasized how today’s conferences with four renowned speakers, Alfons Cornella, Ferran Ramon-Cortés, Clara Navarro and Sébastien Mouret, which discussed topics of the main strategic axis of the cluster: innovation, shared value, internationalization and cooperation. Xavier emphasized how innovative CWP projects are aligned with the biggest challenges in the sector, and how from the circular economy to digitalization the CWP today has projects in most of the disruptive technologies in the sector; also international activities in 6 countries during 2019; the 8 interclusters in Catalonia, clusters in Spain and the USA or Colombia, also finally added value to the pilot project supported by ACCIO. From there, the speakers gave way.




First, Alfons Cornella presented: How to innovate without being Google. Talking about innovation applied to business, how to build organizations and where to look for opportunities to innovate. Alfons Cornella shared ideas for value and outcome innovations, explaining that one must go beyond having good ideas, which are necessary but not enough to succeed. Reflecting that sustainability and the water resource is a challenge with high potential for innovation.

Next, Clara Navarro, from her consulting experience at ESADE or Ship2B, the startup accelerator, presented the value of sharing as an opportunity for the company and the SDGs in the water sector. In recent years new concepts have emerged and others have evolved: from Corporate Social Responsibility to Shared Value, cooperation with entrepreneurs, very often these new ideas seem to be thought from the perspective of large multinationals.


After an enriched coffee break of networking between the companies from the water sector, Sébastien Mouret presente ‘The markets for the future of the water sector was continued’. The Global Water Intel Market representant presented a comprehensive overview of the global water market and major water markets for the years 2020-2024, in countries such as India, China, United States, ASEAN, and more. And also the trends and opportunities of countries in Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa or Brazil.

Finally Ferran Ramon-Cortés communication expert, professor and author of the successful management book “The Island of Five Lights” carried out the practical workshop: “Building bridges of communication between people”. In this he spoke of the different styles of communicating and communicating with people, the model of the 4 Basic Relational Styles, and provided the essential clues for communicating with each of the Styles.

The communication as a pre-cooperation step served to end a brainstorming session to inspire 2020, which is expected to be full of new activities and projects by the CWP. In this way, the president of the cluster, Jordi Cros, finished the V strategic dive of the CWP.









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