Catalan Water Partnership | Cluster meeting in Pamplona
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Cluster meeting in Pamplona

Cluster meeting in Pamplona

SODENA together with the association of clusters of Spain FENAEIC has convened a day in Pamplona as a meeting point for both the clusters of Navarra and clusters throughout Spain in the first meeting that is organized of these characteristics outside the annual cluster congress. It is intended in this way to make meetings between all Spanish clusters during 2020 in different Autonomous Communities to discuss issues of common interest (Circular Economy, Digitalization, advanced manufacturing, etc).

The meeting in Pamplona was focused on business development and internationalization, and the CWP has been invited to participate in one of the four success stories that have been presented. Xavier Amores has detailed the CWP internationalization strategy via cooperation with other clusters, explaining the experience in Colombia with the Cluster Network, the collaboration with WATER COUNCIL of Milwaukee to help CWP companies to enter the US market and the SENTINEL project, a COSME GO INTERNATIONAL that has received EU support to promote cooperation between European clusters to internationalize.

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