Catalan Water Partnership | Primera assemblea de la Comunitat RIS3CAT aigua a Barcelona
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Primera assemblea de la Comunitat RIS3CAT aigua a Barcelona

Primera assemblea de la Comunitat RIS3CAT aigua a Barcelona

On May 29, 2019, the first General Assembly of the RIS3CAT Water Community took place. The event was convened by the community coordinating entity: Eurecat and with the support of ACCIÓ, which gave its facilities for the realization of the event.

The assembly brought together a total of more than 70 participants, from entities linked to the different projects that are developed within the framework of the RIS3CAT water community. The participation of members of associations, administrations, R & D & I agents, industrial fabric and industrial users was counted. Within the framework of the activity agenda, a review was made of the technical and administrative progress of each of the 6 projects that make up the action plan of the RIS3CAT water community. During the round of presentations, the CWP showed the progress of the project which is the coordinating entity: the WATERTUR. Among these advances, the most notable are the laboratory-based optimization of the two innovative technologies of treatment and the design and installation of a system of intelligent control of the management of the water cycle at Vilar Rural de Sant Hilari.

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