Catalan Water Partnership | Weftec Fair and visit the Water Council of Milwaukee
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Weftec Fair and visit the Water Council of Milwaukee

Weftec Fair and visit the Water Council of Milwaukee

On September 23-25, 11 entities associated to the CWP participated in the WEFTEC Fair in Chicago. Among the partners, 6 companies (SIGMA, CREATECH360, BLUEPHAGE, STP ACUSTER, CRALEY and UNEX) had a shared stand, ITC participated with an individual stand and 4 more partners (KEIKEN, ICRAUdG , DAM and EURECAT)participated as visitors. WEFTEC is the largest fair in the USA related to water with more than 20,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors, being the meeting point of the sector.

The CWP participated in the Global Center Program as a speaker by Xavier Amores at the meeting on “World-Class Water Cluster” in conjunction with the Water Alliance of the Netherlands, responsible for WEF, the Cleveland Water Alliance, the Korea Water Partnership and the PUB of Singapore, and also with the secretary of the CWP, Mr. Miquel Rovira at the meeting organized by the Water Council of Milwaukee: “Leveraging European Partnerships to drive market opportunities.”

Between September 25 and 27, the Catalan delegation was able to visit the WATER COUNCIL of Milwaukee to discover one of the most important ecosystems in the world water sector, which brings together more than 200 companies, universities and research centers, with projects pioneers in the field of entrepreneurship, cooperation in R & D and the impulse of global activities in the field of water. The visit included meetings and workshops with engineering, utilities, universities, etc. as well as technical visits representative of the activities of the Water Council.

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