Catalan Water Partnership | Jornada on-line sobre les mesures de suport a l’empresa en relació a la crisi del COVID-19
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Jornada on-line sobre les mesures de suport a l’empresa en relació a la crisi del COVID-19

Jornada on-line sobre les mesures de suport a l’empresa en relació a la crisi del COVID-19

The economic measures adopted by the public administration as a result of the COVID-19 crisis have been discussed and explained in the Webinar organized by the Packaging Cluster, together with ToGrowfy and the Catalan Water Partnership

The current situation of world health crisis and the State of Alarm decreed in Spain has caused that all companies, entities and organizations have had to take exceptional measures to face this problem. From Packaging Cluster and with the support of the Catalan Water Partnership, we wanted to show the maximum support to its partners and, therefore, an online session has been organized in which it has been explained the economic measures taken by the Government to support companies, to more than 70 participants, with the help of the team of financial professionals of ToGrowfy.

The session was welcomed and moderated by Àlex Brossa, Cluster Manager of Packaging Cluster, and Xavier Amores, Cluster Manager of Catalan Water Partnership. Both stressed the willingness of the clusters to carry out actions and activities to support their members in these difficult times.

Àngels Tadeo, ToGrowfy’s Fiscal and Labour Partner, began the conference by summarising the economic measures adopted in Royal Decree Law 7/2020 of 12 March, which offers facilities for deferral of tax debts in the administrative sphere, as well as Royal Decree 8/2020 of 17 March, which adopts urgent extraordinary measures to resolve the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

In the current situation, local councils will try to act on the payment deadlines and due dates that companies have to face, thus responding to all kinds of requests as easily as possible. For the time being, everything is paralysed until 30 April, if things do not change.

As far as personnel management is concerned, Àngels has set out the resources available to companies, such as: an agreed 15-day holiday period, the ERTE, teleworking, medical leave due to accidents at work or unpaid services, where holidays would not count. The famous ERTE has been the centre of several issues and the consequences of its application have been evaluated, both for the company and for the workers.

On the other hand, Argelia Garcia, ToGrowfy’s CEO, has talked about the possible financing, as well as liquidity loans for the company through ICO and ICF and other aspects related to economic management.

Argelia stressed that at this time “it is essential to maintain payments, avoiding a chain of defaults” and for this it is essential to have the support of all institutions, such as the Institut Català de Finances of Catalonia, which will provide any entity available at the ICF, in addition to the loans offered by the Institut de Crèdit Oficial Estatal. He informs us that all the entities are organizing strategic plans to face the extraordinary conditions we are living these days, to adapt ourselves to the current needs.

Finally, through the chat incorporated in the CISCO WEBEX MEETING platform, the participants were launching the questions they had about it and they were solved at the end by the financial experts. In addition to these questions, those previously sent through the cluster’s email were added.

The Packaging Cluster and the Catalan Water Partnership will continue to work to offer the maximum service to their partners, through initiatives such as those mentioned and any session that promotes the improvement of the current situation. In this regard, the Catalan cluster network is preparing a package of webinars to update the information and help companies take more appropriate measures in each case.

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