Catalan Water Partnership | IV Jornada d’Immersió Estratègica del Catalan Water Partnership
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IV Jornada d’Immersió Estratègica del Catalan Water Partnership

IV Jornada d’Immersió Estratègica del Catalan Water Partnership

The Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) held its fourth Jornada d’Immersió Estratègica of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The conference featured more than one hundred participants from around the water sector.

During the inauguration, the director of the ACA, Sr. Jordi Agustí said: “The ACA will make a firm commitment to R & D in the sector to invest 5M € in the coming years and  in this respect is necessary to emphasize the need for a cluster as CWP.“. The president of CWP, Sr. Robert Mas highlighted that: “The CWP is an important tool to improve competitiveness and to address the accelerated transformation experienced by the sector in recent years.“. He also highlighted that the cluster currently has 60 members, which at billing account for 60% of the sector.

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As part of the conference, was presented the Strategic Update of the water sector, commissioned and coordinated by Ms. Marta Marse (ACCIO) and prepared by the consulting firm PwC. Mr. Josep Maria Gascon, director of strategy and competitive intelligence (ACCIO) stated that “The Catalan cluster system, supported by the Government through the program Clusters Catalonia is an avant-garde international reference.“.

ESADE Professor Carlos Roig, an expert in the field of industry 4.0. has detailed how will change the water sector with new technologies. Ellen MacCarthur Foundation, the English world’s leading institution in the concept of circular economy, has provided practical examples about how circular economy is changing business models. The Global Water Intelligence, the international organization of reference in the the water sector, said that in the coming period 2016-2020 there has no forecast growth in the Spanish market, but in countries like China, India, USA, Brazil and Australia. Finally Xavier Ferras, Dean of the University of Vic, highlighted how technology and hybrid industries is creating opportunities for reinventing businesses.

The conference also allowed to explain two European R & D projects led by Eurecat-CTM, a member of CWP, specifically INSITRATE on the feasibility of in situ bioremediation of groundwater contaminated by nitrates and REWATCH project, a demonstration of the process of wastewater treatment for high-quality reclaimed water could be reused.

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