Catalan Water Partnership | TYPSA
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Consulting and engineering consultants
About This Project

TYPSA is consulting company in the field of civil engineering, architecture, industry and energy and environment. Since its founding in 1966 has participated in the development of all types of infrastructure and equipment in Spain and all over the globe contributing to improve the quality of life of citizens. One of its areas of activity within civil engineering are the hydraulic works and water management.

TYPSA’s range of services spans studies (planning, resource management and feasibility studies), designs, construction supervision and the operation and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructure. Infrastructure includes dams, hydroelectric plants (hydroelectric power), water supply systems, channels, canals and any type of non-urban hydraulic infrastructure. TYPSA has a worldwide network of water specialists serving all kinds of clients with a commitment to water: Spanish public authorities, ministries, water companies, regional and municipal authorities, as well as clients from the public and private sectors, concessions, contractors and electricity companies, in Europe, the Middle East, America and Africa.

R&D is also a key component in TYPSA’s main fields of activity. It is worth noting that to date the Group has 34 R&D projects underway, some in collaboration with Universities, Research Centres and other Public Sector Organisations.