Catalan Water Partnership | Projecte URBANAGU4.0
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Projecte URBANAGU4.0

R+D and innovation
About This Project

The URBANAGU4.0 project is a collaborative project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. This project has the CWP as a coordinating entity and includes a consortium made up of B’GEO Open Gis (technology company), ABM Consulting (engineering), Eurecat (research centers) and Prodaisa (distribution company). URBANAGU4.0 aims to facilitate the use of models in urban water management through advanced ICT tools that communicate in real time with the set of industrial components that make up the network and pre-existing systems. In order to overcome the initial barriers, URBANAGU4.0 will generate a translation methodology for hydraulic models that many companies have in different formats and incorporate them into a programming environment that allows the application of control and supervision solutions based on models. Throughout the project, we follow the philosophy and architecture of, based on open source software specialized in water supply and management, generate this tool, which can be used by government agencies, distribution companies, town halls and others agents of the water sector and will translate into greater control of the network to ensure a quality supply to the citizen.