Catalan Water Partnership | Projecte Grup Operatiu
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Projecte Grup Operatiu

R+D and innovation
About This Project

In the context of aid for innovation cooperation through the promotion of operational groups of the European Partnership for Innovation in Productivity and Sustainability and the implementation of innovative pilot projects in accordance with Order ARP / 96/2016 A project was approved with the participation of the Catalan Water Partnership, the research group LEQUIA (Laboratori d’Enginyeria Química Ambiental) of the UdG and the company Anxoves de l’Escala. It is an initiative to plan future innovative projects in the field of water management in a sector highly concerned with sustainability, and with specificities that make the cooperative work between the agri-food sector and the water sector of interest. The group has started its activities in March and is expected to complete the work next September.