Catalan Water Partnership | EDARi Projecte 4.0
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EDARi Projecte 4.0

R+D and innovation
About This Project

The EDARi project is aimed at the development of a new technology of EDARi adapted to the industry 4.0 that allows to face up to the existing challenges and promote the circular economy in the water of industrial use. By means of the improvement of 2 existing technologies, an innovative solution of treatment for the production of quality water will be formed from complex industrial effluents. SIGMA and TELWESA provide the treatment technologies on which CREATECH360 will incorporate its process intelligence tools (IOT, data science, etc.) to develop March innovative products: the SMARTDAF (pre) intelligent treatment system, to eliminate particle contaminated fraction, intelligent treatment iBIOMEM and, together, the new EDAR 4.0. This project will allow them to incorporate an innovative and differentiating technology of their competitors, allowing the passage of a product adapted to the needs 4.0. of industrial customers in the management of their debugging processes.