Catalan Water Partnership | MF Tècnima
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MF Tècnima

Construction, operation and services realated to the management of water cycle, Consulting and engineering consultants, Labs
About This Project

M.F. TÈCNIMA is a consultancy specialized in the industrial and environmental sector, founded in 1997, which offers comprehensive solutions to the environment, anticipating to the difficulties and facilitating a knowledge and adequate and efficient management for each need.

The company is structured in four areas of action:

– Engineering: Design and construction of drinking water plants, waste water plants, and sludge treatment plants. Carrying out diagnostics and studies at the pilot plant level.

– Analysis laboratory: Collect and analysis of samples (wastewater, analysis for the “Agència Catalana de l’Aigua” and assigned organisms, potable water, sludge, slurry …), coagulation and flocculation studies (Jar-Test), and respirometric tests. Enabled laboratory for the Catalan Administration: Oficina d’Acreditació de la Generalitat de Catalunya as a waste water lab (LAR). Registered with the accreditation: 089-LA-AIG.

-Operation: comprehensive follow up of the functioning of the plants, equipment and control of contaminating parameters.

– Management: Technical and legal advice on issues related to the administration and the environment to the industry. Advice on the management and handling of a composting plant and in the management of waste.