Catalan Water Partnership | MATHOLDING
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Manufacturers of equipment and solutions related to sustainable use of water
About This Project

MATHOLDING GROUP consists of six companies, IQV, in the world of agrochemicals and five companies included in the world of water  (Dorot Control Valves, Riegos Iberia Regaber, Hidroglobal, Sistemas de Filtrado y Tratamiento de Fluidos i Vicente Canales).

IQV, a company that provides the owners of agricultural holdings with the most effective and sustainable solutions for crop protection.

Dorot Control valves , founded in 1946, is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of wide range of products for the water market.

Riegos Iberia Regaber, S.A born in 1980 into the agricultural market, nowadays Regaber has become the reference company irrigation for the Iberian Peninsula, providing professional solutions with quality.

Hidroglobal is a leader in solutions for water transport, projects, water treatment and automation into the industrial market and urban waters. Offering both, quality components and turnkey solutions.

Sistemas de Filtrado produces filters and filtration solutions.

VICAN produces components and metallurgical equipment for water transport and treatment.