Catalan Water Partnership | LAVOLA
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Consulting and engineering consultants
About This Project

Lavola is a service company for sustainability with over 30 years experience providing solutions in the following areas:

  • Consulting. Consulting services in the areas of climate change; sustainable urban development; rational use of energy and water; life-cycle assessment and eco-design; promoting circular economy; sustainable construction; and social responsibility
  • Communication. Service communications agency specialized in sustainability and the environment. Dissemination services on technological projects, stands and exhibitions, online resources and internal communication in organizations.
  • Education for Sustainability. Learning materials, educational and awareness activities, educational programs  and management of information & education centers.

Lavola is located in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Manlleu, Andorra and Bogota (Colombia) and has collaboration agreements in China and Argentina. Internationally,  Lavola has participated in several R&D EU funded  projects and  has developed studies and implementation projects in South America (Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina),  South Mediterranean countries and China.

Lavola customers are SMEs and large corporations, institutions and government agencies, multilateral organizations, foundations and nonprofit organizations.

Lavola adds value to innovation projects, services or products from its customers.