Catalan Water Partnership | HYDROKEMÓS
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Manufacturers of equipment and solutions related to sustainable use of water
About This Project

HYDROKEMÓS, is a technology-based enterprise, spin-off of the IQS, which has developed the Electrodenitrification innovative technology that allows removing nitrates from water by conversion to nitrogen and oxygen gas, without generating any kind of solid or liquid waste.
The main application of this groundbreaking technology is the purification of contaminated water wells to supply drinking water to food industry or public distribution networks. The technology can also be applied to highly nitrate contaminated industrial wastewater.

The process is fully competitive with reverse osmosis, electro dialysis and the ion Exchange resins, with the advantage that it does not generate any brine.

HYDROKEMÓS has been granted by the European Commission under the SME program H2020 phase II for the construction, monitoring and validation of the technology in four demonstrative industrial plants in various application fields.