Catalan Water Partnership | GREEN SMALL SMART CITIES (GSSC)
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About This Project

Green Small Smart Cities (GSSC) is a project financed by the European Union, within the framework of the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) programme, which objective is to intensify collaboration between European strategic clusters to lead international cooperation of business groups in fields of strategic interest beyond Europe.

The GSSC project aims to disseminate the use of sustainable technological solutions from Europe to the less developed regions of the world, by supporting the internationalization strategy of European SMEs that have innovative solutions, complementary technologies and a shared vision to build a better world.

The Clusters that make up the partnership have been carefully chosen for their great potential to combine solutions in solar energy (SOLARTYS), water (CWP), green technologies (Greentech) using ICTs (MCICT) and nanotechnology (NP) as key enabling technologies; and for their individual experience of working with their members in the internationalisation processes. Thus, the GSSC project represents more than 400 entities.

Los Clusters que componen el partenariado han sido cuidadosamente elegidos por su gran potencial para combinar soluciones en materia de energía solar (SOLARTYS), agua (CWP), tecnologías verdes (Greentech) utilizando como tecnologías facilitadoras clave las TIC (MCICT) y la nanotecnología (NP); y por su experiencia individual de trabajo con sus miembros en los procesos de internacionalización. Así pues, el proyecto GSSC representa a más de 400 entidades.

Call: Cluster Go International 2019