Catalan Water Partnership | FADICLUR
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R+D and innovation
About This Project

The FADICLUR project aims to respond to the problems that take place in relation to chlorination systems in urban water distribution networks. These problems are due to inefficiencies in the chlorination processes that lead to concentration gradients or the appearance of the phenomenon of “piston flow” within the pipes of the network. The increase in the use of reagents to ensure the minimum health of chlorine in water also facilitates the appearance of unwanted by-products of chlorine. To respond to these challenges, the FADICLUR project is working on the design and printing of a chlorine premix tank that will help improve its administration in the networks. This tank will be built through additive manufacturing (3D printing) that will allow it to acquire robustness, resistance to chemical corrosion and high pressures, being also built with materials suitable for food consumption. It will also have a solenoid valve system that can be operated remotely by means of an automaton to optimize its operation.

Call: Innovative Business Groups of 2021 (1st call) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Participants: Catalana de Perforacions, LEITAT i Aigües de Manresa