Catalan Water Partnership | Eurecat
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Technological centers
About This Project

As regards to the field of water management, CTM-Eurecat applies the concepts of sustainability and circular economy to the new technologies, to improve the integral water cycle, which increases the competitive edge of many business sectors while benefitting society as a whole. CTM-Eurecat has laboratories and pilot plants, scientific equipment and data processing centers. All of these facilities enable CTM-Eurecat to meet the current and future challenges of water management, which form the main lines of its current R+D+i:

  • Water treatment, regeneration and reuse
  • Recovery of added-value components from water (nutrients, metals and biomolecules)
  • Drinking water production and distribution
  • The water-power connection, with special emphasis on the production of energy tied to water treatment
  • Groundwater remediation (nitrates, hydrocarbons, organochlorine compounds and heavy metals).
  • Quantitative risk analysis for human health
  • Life-cycle assessment and life-cycle costing analyses of water management
  • Advanced chemical and microbiological analyses
  • Design, development and operation of smart tools and platforms
  • Decision Support Systems.
  • Applied artificial intelligence, optimisation algorithms, semantic website and connected data.
  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyses
  • Interoperability systems and exchange of information based on open standards of the water domain
  • Simulation tools
  • Mobile applications