Catalan Water Partnership | DEPURADORES D’OSONA
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Construction, operation and services realated to the management of water cycle
About This Project

DEPURADORAS DE OSONA, SL (DOSL) was established on June 1, 1995 by the Osona County Council (CCO) in the province of Barcelona, ​​and its activity is the operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plants of the Osona region, delegated by the Catalan Water Agency of the Government of Catalonia and the town councils in the Osona County Council, which is the acting administration.

DOSL is owned by the County Council (51%), the company Aigües Vic (24.5%), and by Sorea (Agbar-Suez) (24.5%). DOSL is a mixed economy company that works for the public sector, established to manage the sanitation services of the Osona region. DOSL manages a total of 30 WWTPs and 29 pump stations in the Region, which together with a complex system of collectors guarantee the return of the water previously used in its environment with the appropriate quality and the minimum environmental risk.

The purpose and goal of the company is the operation, maintenance, and conservation of wastewater sanitation systems in various municipalities. This process includes the collection of wastewaters, treatment, quality control, conservation and maintenance of the facilities, as well as the cleaning of the collectors and pumping stations.

At the sustainability level, we work turn treatment plants into bio-factories, making a circular economy so that our process residues become new resources. In 2009 a cogeneration plant was set up, which has involved the use of biogas in energy for consumption by the Vic Plant, and the surplus of this for sale to the electricity company.