Catalan Water Partnership | CRALEY Group
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Manufacturers of equipment and solutions related to sustainable use of water
About This Project

CRALEY Group, and its suite of solutions, make smart water networks happen! Our message is ‘Innovation in SMART Infrastructure’ and our product sets are all designed to provide a significant advance on current techniques for better, faster and cheaper solutions.

Our solutions are capable of providing fibre optic communications by utilising the existing in-ground pipe infrastructure as ready made conduits, which already link all of the assets where reliable high-speed communications are required.

We provide the products that create a platform to deliver hard-wired ultra-fast comms, leak detection and asset monitoring within a water network; regardless of location, including rural reservoirs, treatment works and water towers.

In addition to providing in-pipe communication solutions, we have a trenchless pipe relining and rehabilitation product with the ability to provide simultaneous fibre optic connectivity if required.

Our pantented solutions are: Atlantis Hydrotec® – for in-pipe comms in potable water pipes, iSM – For In-pipe Condition Monitoring and Asset Protection. & BreezeLiner – Pipe rehabilitation and comms.


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