Catalan Water Partnership | Aquifer
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R+D and innovation
About This Project

Innovative instruments for integrated groundwater management in a context of increasing water scarcity

Call: Interreg Sudoe

Groundwater is an essential element of the hydrological cycle. The scientific community has established that there is a need to improve knowledge of aquifers, to implement reliable monitoring networks and to involve the water administration and users in the sustainable management of aquifers.
Aquifer’s main objective is to capitalise, test, disseminate and transfer innovative practices for the preservation, monitoring and integrated management of aquifers that will help in decision-making on the management of groundwater resources, improve technology transfer to local actors and create new synergies and develop common tools in a context of scarce water resources and environmental threats.
This project will improve cooperation and technology transfer between universities, research centres and the business community, promoting synergies and the development of new products and services.