Catalan Water Partnership | Aigües de Vic
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Aigües de Vic

Construction, operation and services realated to the management of water cycle
About This Project

Aigües de Vic SA (AVSA) is the company that manages the supply of drinking water in Vic and other municipalities of the Osona region (Gurb, Muntanyola and Santa Cecília de Voltregà) in accordance with the type of concession and by meens of Abastaments Tractaments i Control d’Aigües SL (ATCA), in which AVSA has all the stakes. In the same way, AVSA participates in companies that manage wastewater treatment and supply  the water transport to the main tanks in the region.

Formed by a human team with a long history, AVSA and ATCA work with the goal of contributing in all of the urban cycle of water, providing personalized and innovative solutions. A management based on excellence where the highest quality of water supply, the reduction of the environmental impact and the fast and effective attention to the users are prioritized.