Catalan Water Partnership | AIGÜES DE CATALUNYA
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Construction, operation and services realated to the management of water cycle
About This Project

Aigües de Catalunya is a Catalan company founded in 1997 with wide experience in the sector and specialising in comprehensive water cycle management in Catalonia. In Aigües de Catalunya we efficiently manage drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, the re-use of reclaimed water, as well as irrigation and the construction and maintenance of hydraulic works. We have a strong commitment to the environment, making us a true economic, social and ecological driver in the municipalities and territories in which we operate.

Aigües de Catalunya is part of Global Omnium, a business group of reference both nationally and internationally with more than 125 years of history, at the cutting edge in terms of technology at the service of more than 300 municipalities and more than 6 million people, with presence in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We are committed to our clients, collaborating with them and facilitating the improvement of their environment and services with the aim of making cities which are ever more habitable and sustainable.


We do this with the most advanced technology, performing smart management of networks (Smart cities), applying criteria of eco-efficiency and sustainability, in a clear commitment to ecosystemic services, the minimization of greenhouse emissions and the development of the circular economy.


Services we offer:

Comprehensive water cycle management service.

Implementation of technological tools to improve the energy efficiency of the comprehensive water cycle services.

Supply of drinking water to populations through both main transport pipe systems and distribution networks.

Management of the sewage network.

Reading, billing and payment process.

Implementation of smart reading systems for domestic meters and corresponding data management.

Implementation and management of management software for domestic drinking water services.

Improvement of hydraulic performance.

Location of leaks

Spill control

Irrigation and water supply for agricultural uses.

Monitoring and control of the elements and operation of networks and installations of both drinking water and sanitation services (integration of SCADA system, remote controls, loggers…)

Comprehensive urban wastewater treatment service.

Preparation of master plans for sewage networks through both for general collector networks and sewage networks

Management of wastewater treatment facilities.

Management of reclaimed water reuse facilities.

Eco-efficient technical assistance in the comprehensive water cycle: diagnostic studies and global optimisation of catchment, distribution, supply, reclamation and water treatment systems.

Performance, maintenance and conservation of works and construction for the fulfilment of its corporate purpose, including for third parties, whether public or private entities or individuals.

Analyses and laboratory tests.

Solid waste management.