Catalan Water Partnership | ADANTIA S.L.
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Consulting and engineering consultants
About This Project

ADANTIA S.L., founded in 1993, is an environmental consulting firm, both technical and legal, with strong expertise in water issues.


Three major areas of work


  • Water cycle

Watershed management strategies, drafting laws and regulations.

Projects treatment and reuse of wastewater.

Audit and control of wastewater treatment plants.

Processing of administrative files, discharges and enforcement, management fees and taxes


  • Environmental management of projects, plans, programs and works.

Preventive project reports, evaluation studies, environmental impact studies, environmental management and administrative procedures associated works.


  • Software, applications web and mobile phones.

Own area of ​​software creation more than 15 years of experience. This software is primarily oriented: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), environmental management, administrative procedures and management control and WWTP.