Catalan Water Partnership | WATERTUR Project – Comunitat Aigua
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WATERTUR Project – Comunitat Aigua

Project, R+D and innovation
About This Project


Research in technologies for the intelligent managing and sustainable of the water cycle in touristic facilities (WATERTUR)

The project Watertur takes place in the framework of the RIS3CAT 2016 call and the Operative Program FEDER of Catalonia 2014-2020. It has the general aim to investigate about new technologies for the optimization and the providing of intelligence to the most prominent water consumption points of a standard touristic facility (hotel). The project puts especial attention to the recreative area and in the diverse sectors of the water treatment system and investigates about innovative and advanced solutions in the area of the water treatment, the evaluation of their environmental profile and the monitoring and calculation of the water and carbon footprints at real time of the overall water cycle. Finally, this project will implement a decision support system for the recreative and water treatment systems of the hotel.

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