Catalan Water Partnership | First CWP breakfast with ACA Director
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First CWP breakfast with ACA Director

First CWP breakfast with ACA Director

On December 4, the first breakfast of the Catalan Water Partnership was organized. A new event format aimed for the members of the cluster. This initiative wants to promote, closely and in a reduced format, meetings with the main leaders of the water sector, both of the most important public and private entities in Catalonia.

For the first breakfast, Mr. Lluís Ridao, director of the ACA, a meeting that aroused great interest among CWP associates, depleting the 20 places available in a single day and that allowed for about two hours to talk about the situation of the water sector in the country. The director of the ACA explained some of the actions planned by the ACA in the coming months where he stressed that “the challenges of the future in a context of climatic emergency go through the impulse of the regenerated water and reuse, saving and energy efficiency, the sanitation of pending nuclei and the incorporation of tertiary in the plants in service “where he was able to collect numerous reflections on the reuse of water and also on the priorities in the field of sanitation.

The director wanted to highlight innovative actions that the agency has led as the promotion of R&D, a call that has been very well received. Finally, he was able to explain with what economic support all these actions will be carried out, where he stated that “The ACA budget for 2020 consolidates the recovery of financial capacity and provides for new investments worth € 100 M / year, which means more 25% of the annual budget of the Agency “.

In the coming months the CWP will organize new meetings with the main actors and protagonists of the water sector.

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