Catalan Water Partnership | Water Sector in Catalonia
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Water Sector in Catalonia

The Water Sector is traditionally organized around the “Water Cycle”. However, there are other peripheral companies which also form part of this sector, such as the companies in charge of the infrastructures related to water management (construction, manufacturers of goods and technology developers companies) or to water services (engineering, consultancies and laboratories). In this sense, water is a key element in most of the industrial and service sectors, being a cross-sectorial activity in the Catalan Economy. For this reason, the CWP has a multidisciplinary approach, where the main focus is the sustainable use of water and consequently, it is opened not only water treatment companies, but also to companies whose products or services have a relationship within this resource.

Focusing on the data published by the Departament d’Empresa i Ocupació de la Generalitat de Catalunya, the sector related to the “Water Cycle” generates 2,386 M€ annually of turnovers, an exportation rate of 30.7% and employment values of more than 10,000 people. Moreover, if a wider vision of the sector it is considered, for instance by adding the companies related to the leisure purposes or the peripheral companies (engineering, constructing, etc.), these values would be even more important, evidencing the relevance and potential of the CWP in Catalonia.