Catalan Water Partnership | El CWP visita Aquatech Amsterdam
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El CWP visita Aquatech Amsterdam

El CWP visita Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech was organized in November in Amsterdam. Numerous members of the CWP participated with their own stand: ITC, Adiquímica, Hydroo, Poltank, Chemipol, S: can, GoAigua, and other partners of the CWP (Keiken Engineering, Aquabona, Adasa or Condorchem among others) visited the fair and to be within the framework of the reception that the Water Alliance, cluster of the water of Holland performed on November 7.

Xavier Amores, manager of the CWP was able to hold meetings with other international water clusters and associations (USA, Finland, etc.), and to participate in the WaterCampus Water Tech Experience Tour organized by the Water Alliance and in which there are about twenty representatives from all over the world in the water sector. The purpose of the event was to publicize some of the main projects and facilities for the technological innovations of the water sector in the north of the Netherlands.

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