Catalan Water Partnership | 60th ACODAL International Congress
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60th ACODAL International Congress

60th ACODAL International Congress

The Catalan Water Partnership took part in the 60th International Congress of ACODAL in Colombia which is the main congress regarding water, sanitation, environment and renewable energy issues in the country.

Last november the CWP signed an agreement with ACODAL during iWATER, has had a significant visibility and participation due to the country invited to the conference this year is Spain, ACLIMA of Basque Country, ZINNAE of Aragon Region and CWP of Catalonia, all of them have been the main partners of the conference, which also included the organization of parallel EIMA 2017, the Latin American meeting on sustainable development organized by CONAMA.

Six companies members of CWP have been prominent speakers of the conference, specifically Amphos21, Lavola, Createch 360º, Hidroglobal, Waterologies and Tecnoturbines that have presented their technology, the latest products and solutions for the water sector, and have had meetings with important companies and agents in the water sector in Colombia.

The CWP has also made several presentations and participated in a round table discussion on cluster policies. SUEZ, partner of CWP also presented as part of a session on ACODAL: La Escuela del Agua Columbia-Caribbean. The CDTI promoted the CYTED Iberoeka meeting during the session that included the participation of companies CWP telling potential solutions for R+D and technological innovations applicable in the country.

The president Gerardo Viñas highlighted the involvement of clusters and the CWP in the smooth running of the conference, that it is estimated about 2,500 people called from May 31st  to June 2nd.

D’esquerra a dreta: Sebastià Cosculluela (Createch 360º/A7di), Xavier Amores (CWP), Ester Vilanova (Amphos21) i Guillem Pagès (Hidroglobal).

Sebastià Cosculluela (Createch 360º/A7di), Xavier Amores (CWP), Ester Vilanova (Amphos21) and Guillem Pagès (Hidroglobal).

Estand de Tecnoturbines amb Jaume Lledó

Stand of Tecnoturbines with Jaume Lledó.

Ponència d'Antoni Cuevas de Waterologies

Presentation of Waterologies by Antonio Cuevas.

Equip de Lavola al congrés. D’esquerra a dreta: Lucas Rivera, Antoni Mansilla i Adrià Gelabert

Team Lavola in the congress: Lucas Rivera, Antoni Mansilla and Adrià Gelabert.

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