Catalan Water Partnership | The CWP has organized a workshop to promote cooperative projects among its members.
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The CWP has organized a workshop to promote cooperative projects among its members.

The CWP has organized a workshop to promote cooperative projects among its members.

Last January 23 the CWP organized a meeting workshop to promote proposals of cooperative projects in the frame of the cluster. More than twenty entities associated with the CWP took part in the meeting. The associates could exchange proposals, identify synergies and opportunities between them and with the proper CWP. Specifically, the meeting split into two big blocks: (i)presentation of the main specific lines of financing for clusters and associate entities and (ii) workshop – networking to identify and to promote new cooperative projects.

The CWP introduced the main lines of “ACCIO” and of the “Ministeri” specifically for clusters,  as well as some of the calls where the CWP has taken part lately (i. e. lines of helps of the “Agència de Residus de Catalunya”  and of the “Departament d’ Agricultura”) or , promoting projects between associates (i. e. “Nuclis” or “RetosCooperación”) from cases of example. Likewise, we counted with the participation of Mrs. Gloria Prats, chief of Catalonia Clusters, who presented cases of project success of other clusters of Catalonia which were interesting between the participants to identify new cooperation opportunities in the big frame of the cluster.

On the other hand, the networking workshop focused on three key themes: Circular Economy, 4.0 – Smart WaterSystems and improving competitiveness, allowing participants to engage in more of a round table of work. Specifically, from mind maps generated between all attendees, the CWP will identify the topics of most interest to try to promote initiatives around these proposals during the2018.

It should be noted that throughout the 2017 the CWP has featured as partner, contractor or coordinator 27 project proposals submitted to competitions to competitive competition. Among the projects 5 correspond to European competitions, 7 at the State level, 7 to ACCIO and 8 to the other organisms of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Of these 12 proposals correspond to R+D and innovation projects, 6 to 8 and internationalization projects for the improvement of competitiveness, interclúster and challenges for water management in Catalonia. Of all the proposals made have 14 proposals approved, 5 denied and 8 pending to resolve. In these proposals have taken part more than 50 members of the CWP. In addition, during the 2017 we have executed many of the projects approved during the 2016.

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