Catalan Water Partnership | Activities and Servicies
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Activities and Servicies

Nowadays, the CWP works on these activities areas:

  • INNOVATION: to facilitate the access to instruments and funding, as well as to encourage new cooperative R+D+I projects with the objective of improving the competitiveness of the CWP’s companies and research centers, not only in Catalonia, but also in Spain and Europe.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: to increase the international presence of the CWP companies and diversify their markets and business in the places where they are present right now. We conduct market studies about sectors that are of interest for the CWP’s members. Moreover, the CWP also promotes cooperative R+D+I projects between CWP’s companies and companies of other clusters in order to increase their competitiveness (FoodServices, Tourism, Chemistry, etc).
  •  VISIBILITY AND POSITIONING: provide visibility to the CWP and its companies with the objective of creating a mark on the water sustainability sector.
  • NETWORKING: to facilitate the knowledge and the relationships between companies with the objective of increase the business level among the CWP’s companies. We participate in the main cluster networks (Catalonia Clusters, Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras, Cluster Management Excellence) and water networks (European Water Partnership, Netwerc H2O).
  • TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE: Advantages to access to the main knowledge centers of Catalonia, participation in working teams, information of strategical relevance for the companies, among others.