Catalan Water Partnership | 9 July – Webinar: HYDROUSA
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9 July – Webinar: HYDROUSA

9 July – Webinar: HYDROUSA

Agenda will be published soon

Globally, water resources have been facing considerable challenges due to water availability and management, climate change impacts and the deterioration of ecosystems. One way to manage water sustainably is to close water loops especially in regions with scarce water resources such as the Mediterranean region. The approach of closing water loops is proposed by HYDROUSA project, an EU-funded project under Horizon 2020 programme, which is developing new circular business models suitable for the Mediterranean region as well as other water-scarce regions in Europe and worldwide. Unlike the traditional way of managing water in broken loops, HYDROUSA’s closed loops are managing water sustainably while creating additional products and ecosystem services leading to a win-win-win situation for the economy, the environment, and the community.

HYDROUSA goes beyond the current water and wastewater management practices by adopting innovative, nature-based and nature-inspired water management solutions for different types of water characterised by low energy footprint via closing the water loops and boosting their agricultural and energy profiles. By closing water loops, the whole water value chain is transformed from a disruptive approach to an integrated one; turning the challenges faced by the water sector into opportunities.

HYDROUSA aims to create a community of ‘water allies’ which believes and works on shifting the development paradigm of our world from an open market society based on economic profits to a world where local communities are empowered to develop tailor-made solutions to improve their wellbeing while regenerating the local environmental ecosystems.

Join us on this webinar to explore further our practices, our vision and meet the partners behind the project.

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