Catalan Water Partnership | 3/5 MARCH – Advanced Factories Expo & Congress
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3/5 MARCH – Advanced Factories Expo & Congress

3/5 MARCH – Advanced Factories Expo & Congress

Advanced Factories 2020, the fourth largest European industry 4.0 event, to be held at the CCIB in Barcelona from March 3 to 5, 2020, will address the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in industry and 4.0 factories.

With the impact of booming Artificial Intelligence, the figures show the potential of this technology in industry and how it can transform our factories into smart plants that improve efficiency and productivity. For this reason, Artificial Intelligence will have a special treatment at the Industry 4.0 Congress, which will be held from March 3 to 5 in Barcelona in the framework of Advanced Factories.

The Industry 4.0 Congress will analyze and discuss how Artificial Intelligence facilitates operations with the least possible manual intervention and maximum reliability, and how to anticipate and act before problems arise. In addition to increasing the performance and quality of the final result, as well as reducing costs, thanks to automated workflows that make it possible for the worker to focus on those tasks that really add value. Thus, more than 300 international experts will share at Industry 4.0 Congress their views on the opportunities offered by digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IIoT, Big Data, blockchain or cloud computing in today’s factories to make them 4.0 plants.

More than 350 exhibiting firms will present their solutions related to Artificial Intelligence or other digital technologies at Advanced Factories. So companies like Ais Vision, Accenture, T-Systems or Grupo Álava, among others, will show professionals from various industries such as food, automotive, aeronautics, rail, health, textiles, energy and Advanced Factories is an event of: steelmaking how to implement Artificial Intelligence in their factories and the benefits this adoption brings to their business.

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